September 11, 2017

Ontario Teaching Resources - A Collaborative Effort!

During the years since I started my Teachers Pay Teachers Coach's Corner store, I have been fortunate to have made online friends with many other Canadian sellers, and also been able to meet many of them at TPT get-togethers and conferences.  I have learned much from these outstanding teachers, and some of us have begun collaborating in our TPT journey!

A Full Year of  Science and Social Studies

Sidney McKay of Teaching is a Gift and I have become particularly close friends over the past few years, encouraging each other as we face classroom, TPT, and personal challenges.  We recently collaborated on two "Super-Bundles" for Ontario Grade 5 and 6 teachers.  These bundles contain a full year's worth of my social studies and Sidney's science resources, at a fantastic discount from buying them separately.  You can check out the Grade 5 bundle in Sidney's store, and the Grade 6 bundle in my store.  We also hope to have a combined Grade 5/6 Super-Bundle available in our store at some point this term.

As Sidney and I have both worked as consultants for our school boards at some point in our careers (Sidney as Elementary Science Consultant for the TDSB and I as FDK - Grade 6 Program Consultant with the LKDSB), we bring a good understanding of the big ideas in science and social studies to our resources.  We have led workshops on our subjects, and worked one-one-one with teachers as they implemented the provincial curriculums.  Check out our Super-Bundles by clicking on the links below:

This Grade 5 Super Bundle includes the following:

Social Studies:

  • Canadian Government & Citizenship
  • First Nations & Europeans in New France and Early Canada
Science (Each unit also includes a Word Wall Resource)!:
  • Forces Acting on Structures and Mechanisms
  • Properties of and Changes in Matter
  • Human Organ Systems
  • Conservation of Energy

The Grade 6 Super Bundle includes these great units:

Social Studies:
  • Communities in Canada, Past & Present
  • Canada's Interactions in the Global Community
Science (again with Word Walls):
  • Biodiversity
  • Electricity
  • Space
  • Flight

Ontario Teaching Resources

If you're looking to find educational resources for your classroom that meet the Ontario curriculum expectations, check out this site with links for myself and 8 other top TPT sellers.  Most of our resources are aligned with provincial curriculums, and you can trust that we ensure that our products are both engaging for students and reliable for educators.  Click HERE to learn more about us!

You have a great bunch of teacher-authors here to support you as you make a difference in the lives of your students!

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